The rage of the oppressed is never the same as the rage of the privileged.
― bell hooks (via beanrot)

Not for always.

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all this stuff happening in ferguson is making me tear up and for the fact people support the officer just makes things worse

Not that the officer is right, but people are supporting him because there has been no trial, there has been no verdict, there has been no course of his…

ah thank you for explaining it a bit. i just hope things end up the way it should be.

They probably won’t. I’m a law student here in St. Louis and have spoken to numerous legal minds that have been incredibly active in the reforms and changes ferguson is hoping to make. Right now, the missouri statutes are in this officers favor. If he truly was exercising his rights as an enforcer of the law, I’ll stand behind that. He has a tough job and his rules are different as he has to protect the public too. But if he was just a bad person who’s using that as a cover, he’ll probably squeeze right through. With our county prosecutor working this case, it’s going to be tough for everyone. Honestly he should have recused himself, but he hasn’t, and he’s the only one who can step down. We can’t make him. I’m about 85% sure this officer won’t be convicted of anything. The statute is too vague and the case law from the Supreme Court of the United States can be used in his favor. We all need to be thinking what we can do next, in terms of local reform and change after this trial and right now while were waiting for it. Because I, as well as some of the brightest legal minds in this city, believe he probably won’t be convicted of anything.

theres a future lawyer on the case

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